Weather Information

Due to the potential landfall for Hurricane Florence, the following weather-related information is being issued for Fayetteville State University:

Condition 1. The university is currently operating under Condition 1 – Reduced Operations effective immediately. Condition 1 means classes are in session and the University is open, but some operations may be reduced. Non-mandatory employees may decide to leave early, arrive late, or not report, with timely notice to their supervisor. Mandatory employees must report to or remain at work unless otherwise notified.

Residential Students. The university is issuing a voluntary evacuation for residential students beginning Monday, September 10, 2018. This will allow students time to travel home ahead of the hurricane. Students who are unable to return home must immediately notify their residence hall director. Information pertaining to meals will be distributed daily. Students who miss classes due to evacuating a residential hall will be given an opportunity to make up work.

Depending on the weather forecast, the university may convert to Condition 2: Suspended Operations, beginning at 5 pm on Tuesday, September 11, 2018. Notification will be sent out as soon as possible if the university moves from operating under Condition 1 to Condition 2. Under Condition 2, classes are cancelled, and the University is open on a very limited basis with only mandatory operations functioning. Non-mandatory employees must not report to work.

It is important to note that under either Condition 1 or Condition 2, university employees are required to account for their time by using compensatory time, annual and/or bonus leave or leave without pay. Please consult the university’s Adverse Weather and Emergency Events policy for further information on the conditions.

Employees who are not in their offices or work spaces should power off their PCs.

Students, faculty, and staff should check their email, the university website and social media sites for further updates.

Jeffery M. Womble – ‘86
Associate Vice Chancellor for communications
Fayetteville State University
(910) 672-1474