The Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures Hosted an All-Day Workshop with Jamel Mel City Thornton, Hollywood Director and Producer

On Friday, February 16th, the Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures hosted an all-day workshop with Hollywood Director and Producer, Jamel Mel City Thornton. The project, titled Script to Screen, was sponsored by Fayetteville State University and the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. Mel City, as he is known, worked with nine local high school students and six FSU students.

The morning began with classes in production theory and application in the MacLab within the Telecommunications Building. After lunch, the students were taught basic production skills in television broadcasting using the FSU’s Television Studio. Each student had the chance to learn audio, camera switching, character generation and graphics, directing, and sample videos were created using FSU students as mock guests and hosts. At the end of the day, students worked together with Mel City to create an FSU recruiting video, making use of campus buildings and classrooms.