The MSI CBO HIV Prevention Program Highlights

The MSI CBO HIV Prevention Program (CIHPP) under the Department of Government and History at Fayetteville State University is pleased to announce that the following staff members: Kelisha Graves, Sigrid Crow and Tamri Graves have been invited to share their knowledge and experience in successfully designing and implementing the CIHPP program at the PULSUS International Conference on Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, and Parasitic Infections & the International Conference on Parasitology, Infectious Diseases, STDs, and STIs in San Antonio, TX. PULSUS, a medical and healthcare publisher based in London and Canada, has been very instrumental in providing an invaluable channel for scientists and researchers to exchange ideas and research by creating a forum for discussing the possibilities of future collaborations between universities, institutions, research bodies and organizations from different countries through international CME/CPD accredited conferences and meetings. Kelisha, Sigrid, and Tamri have all received professional training in Healthy Relationships, Group Facilitation 201, and Evidenced Based-Interventions for Women and at-risk Minorities sponsored by SAMHSA under the CDC. The aforementioned employees plan on implementing the educational and advocacy strategies gained from the STD & HIV/AIDS 2017 Conference to at risk young adults at Fayetteville State University.