FSU Faculty Member to Serve as Keynote Speaker and Committee Member at the EuroSciCon Conference

The MSI CBO HIV Prevention Program (CIHPP) under the Department of Government and History at Fayetteville State University is pleased to announce that the following faculty member, Dr. Maurice Mongkuo, has been invited to be a keynote speaker and serve as an Organizing Committee Member at the EuroSciCon Conference on STD-AIDS: A Step Forward Towards Venereal Diseases for Safety of Life in Rome, Italy.

EuroSciCon is the longest running independent life science events with a predominantly academic client base. The aforementioned FSU employee will be serving on a panel to present a paper on “Comprehensive Integrated HIV Prevention Approach to Raising Awareness of HIV Infection among at-risk Racial & Ethics Minority Young Adult Populations”. The key strategic objective of EuroSciCon is to communicate science and medical research between academia, clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Mongkuo plans on implementing the educational and advocacy strategies gained from the EuroSciCon Conference to at risk young adults at Fayetteville State University and Cumberland County.