Funding Opportunities 13 June 2017

TO:                  Faculty and Staff

FROM:            The Research Office and the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

SUBJECT:        Funding Opportunities 13 June 2017

All applications developed in response to a funding announcement are to be routed through the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) for university approval before being released to the external agency. Please inform us of your intent to submit as soon as you know you plan to apply and at least 30 days prior to the due date.    

When there is a limit on the number of proposals that may be submitted for a solicitation, to ensure that the university submits the most competitive proposal, an internal review and selection process will be implemented. Please inform us of your intent to submit as soon as you know you plan to apply and at least 6 weeks prior to the due date or you may miss the internal selection deadline.  

Please send notifications to and information will be provided on the submission procedures and timelines.

Dr. Daryush Ila, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Tech Transfer Officer & RSO x 2417
Dr. Leslie Evelyn, Director of Sponsored Research and  Programs, x 1644
Shenetta Dudley, Pre-Award Administrator x1570
Carolyn Harris, Post Award Administrator x 2612
Dwane Hodges, Budget Officer x 1645
Dr. Carla Raineri Padilla, Compliance & Export Control Officer, x 1569 

Elder Justice Innovation Grants
The purpose of the Elder Justice Innovation Grants program is to support the development and advancement of new and emerging issues related to elder justice. Funded projects will contribute to the improvement of the field of elder abuse prevention and intervention at large, such as by developing materials, programs, etc. that can be widely disseminated and/or replicated, or by establishing and/or contributing to the evidence-base of knowledge. For FY 2017, funded projects will continue to build the evidence-base on successful approaches to reduce and ameliorate the harm people experience as a result of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation, and to better understand what adult protective services practices produce the best outcomes.

Eligible Institutions:  Unrestricted
Closing Date:             14 Aug 2017
Program Funding:       $1,850,000
Award Ceiling:            $500,000
Award Floor:               $350,000
Instrument Type:         Cooperative Agreement
Cost Sharing/Matching:  YES

Link to the Solicitation:
Agency:  Administration for Community Living

American History and Civics Education
The Academies Program supports the establishment of:
Presidential Academies for the Teaching of American History and Civics that offer workshops for both veteran and new teachers to strengthen their knowledge of American history, civics, and government education (Presidential Academies); and

  • Congressional Academies for Students of American History and Civics that provide high school students opportunities to enrich their understanding of these subjects (Congressional Academies). Applications for grants under the Academies Program, CFDA number 84.422A, must be submitted electronically using the Government wide Apply site at

Eligible Institutions:  Institutions of Higher Education
Closing Date:             Notice of Intent to Apply due:  10 July 2017
Full application due 24 July 2017
Program Funding:       $1,815,000
Award Ceiling:           none listed
Award Floor:              none listed
Instrument Type:        Grant
Cost Sharing/Matching:  YES 

Link to the Solicitation:
Agency:  Department of Education  

Topological Excitations in Electronics
The Defense Sciences Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting innovative research proposals exploring approaches to exploit topological excitations in electronics. The program aims to explore topological excitations that have recently been engineered in solid-state systems that have the potential to overcome fundamental limits faced by present electronic memory, digital logic, sensors and quantum bits (qubits) as well as other potential applications.

Eligible Institutions:  Unrestricted
Closing Date:             13 Aug 2017
Program Funding:       discretionary
Award Ceiling:            none listed
Award Floor:               none listed
Instrument Type:         Grant, Cooperative Agreement, Procurement Contract
Cost Sharing/Matching:  NO 

Link to the Solicitation:
Agency:  DARPA