Mr. John A. Bellamy, University Program Associate, Office of the Chancellor, Center for Defense and Homeland Security

Click image for larger viewMr. Bellamy joined Fayetteville State University on May 6, 2013.   Prior to joining the FSU team, he served as Executive Assistant for the BRAC Regional Task Force and the Fort Bragg Regional Alliance where he helped prepare an eleven county region surrounding Fort Bragg for economic growth and infrastructure development through education and workforce initiatives.  John is a retired Navy Special Operations Veteran and has an extensive background in Personnel Management, Office Administration and Event Planning.  “The next two years will be an  exciting period for the students and scholars of the CDHS, and John’s extensive military and regional community outreach experience is critical to our success,” said Dr. Charles, Executive Director, Center for Defense and Homeland Security.

In December 2010, Fayetteville State University established the Center for Defense and Homeland Security.  This Center serves as a catalyst in developing the next generation of National Security STEM professionals.  The Center’s mission is to facilitate curricular innovations, regional partnerships, priority research, and faculty development to prepare the next generation of STEM graduates and National Security professionals. There is a looming shortage of scientist and problem solvers; FSU and the Center aim to produce competitive graduates who fill this need.  The Center is student-centered, priority guided, innovational, interdisciplinary, student employment-focused, integrity-based and committed to sustained excellence.

The major programs of the Center include: Cybersecurity, STEM Education, Emergency Management and National Security Challenges. The University and Center are exploring and expanding educational opportunities for military related students that improve their competence while serving and provide options for employment upon transition from the Army.

Fayetteville State University and the Center for Defense and Homeland Security is growing capability and capacity in supporting local Fort Bragg, Regional and National level challenges. 

Dr. Curtis Barnabas Charles, Ph.D., S.M.Arch.S., B.Arch.
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Transformation & Outreach
Office of the Chancellor
Executive Director,
The Center for Defense and Homeland Security
910-672-2247 (Office); 910-263-7308 (Cell)