NSF Awards $200K to Project Titled “Computing in Context”

On August 8, 2012, the National Science Foundation awards $199,244 to the proposed project titled “Computing in Context” of which Dr. Wingyan Chung, a faculty member of the School of Business and Economics, is one of the project leaders. The project, led by four universities – Villanova University, Virginia Tech, Fayetteville State University, and NCA&T – will create curricular exemplars in key areas of applied computing to support the breadth of relationships between computing and other disciplines.  By exploring these relationships, students understand how the power of computing informs and shapes ideas throughout the academy and society.

Dr. Wingyan Chung is an Associate Professor of MIS at the School of Business and Economics at Fayetteville State University.  He is the founder and director of the Knowledge Systems Laboratory (KSL, http://ksl.uncfsu.edu/) that aims to facilitate development and validation of scalable, intelligent information systems and technologies to contribute to the society.  Dr. Chung received a Research Fellow Award from FSU in 2012 and is a CDHS Scholar at FSU.

More details of the award are available at:


For more information, contact Dr. Wingyan Chung, Associate Professor of MIS and Director of Knowledge Systems Lab, at (910) 672-1028 or at wchung@uncfsu.edu.