Four CDHS Faculty Members Receive $440,000 from NGA

Dr. Curtis Charles, director of Fayetteville State University’s (FSU) Center for Defense and Homeland Security, announced today that the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) has approved $440,000 over five years for four interdisciplinary faculty to implement a new Geospatial Intelligence Certificate at the undergraduate level.  This funding also includes support for a geospatial teaching laboratory.  The four faculty members are Drs. Rakesha Malhotra, Sambit Bhattacharya, Bogdan Czejdo, and Ret. Col. William Le.  All four faculty members are from FSU’s Center for Defense and Homeland Security (CDHS).

This Geospatial Intelligence Certificate was created in partnership with FSU’s computer science, geography, and intelligence studies programs and will be offered to students pursuing degrees in these disciplines.  The synergies offered under the programs not only strengthen the course offerings in these disciplines, but also will create a cadre of students well versed in these technologies and allow them to participate in the cutting edge research being conducted by the CDHS team.  In January 2012, five FSU students were selected to participate in a 2012 summer research internship at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Having a Geospatial Intelligence Certificate program will help the CDHS create additional opportunities.  The underlying goals of CDHS and the certificate program are student development, focused on females and underrepresented minorities in defense and homeland security.  This alignment showcases FSU’s commitment to developing the next generation of intelligence analysts grounded in cutting edge education and research.

Additionally, this certificate program will allow FSU to continue its engagement with Fort Bragg’s Special Operations Command, as well as prepare other current and separating Department of Defense personnel to serve in a homeland defense and security roles.  In the context of national security, this certificate offering will provide cutting-edge training to FSU students using, that will allow them to address issues of compelling priority to the security of the United States.

Since this Geospatial Intelligence Certificate program is the first at a historically black college and university, dissemination of the proposal’s activities and lessons learned will be particularly important, and as such, will enable other institutions interested in pursuing certification to use FSU as a template.

About the Center for Defense and Homeland Security:

Fayetteville State University’s for Defense and Homeland Security is designed to prepare the next generation of national security and disaster preparedness workforce, by addressing issues of compelling interest to the security of the United States.  Through its diverse partnerships with national laboratories, industry partners, institutions of higher education, the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other federal, state, and local entities, CDHS supports the mitigation and recovery of natural and man-made catastrophic disasters within the United States.

FSU is the second-oldest public institution in North Carolina.  A member of the University of North Carolina System, FSU has nearly 6,000 students and offers degrees in more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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