Revised: FSU Math Student Receive Summer Internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Center for Defense and Homeland Security congratulates Lewis Williams (junior, mathematics) and Mario Sutton (junior, computer science/mathematics) for being selected for an internship appointment for the summer 2012, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. As a recent member of Oak Ridge Associated Universities, many FSU students will have the opportunity to participate in such internship programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This summer, Lewis and Mario will work under the supervision of Dr. Lee Hively and Dr. Stacy Prowell, respectively, in the Cyberspace Science and Information Intelligence Research Group on a project that involves extension of novel ORNL technology that converts time-serial numeric data to unique dynamical states.  The summer program will begin on May 29, 2012 and will end on August 10. Their faculty research mentors Dr. Nicoleta Bila and Dr. Xin Tang wish them lots of good luck!